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Bananas Foster Pudding (GF, DF, V, R)

Chocolate Truffles (GF, DF, V, R)

Creamy Maple Fruit Dip (GD, DF, V)

Raw Almonds & Dried Dark Sweet Cherries Combo (GF, DF, V)

Raw Chocolate Superfood Frosting Bites (GF, DF, V, R)

Sour Cream ‘n’ Onion Kale Chips (GF, DF, V)

Sugar and Cacao-Free Pudding (GF, DF, V, R)

Superfood Truffles (GF, DF, V, R)

GF = Gluten-Free
DF = Dairy-Free
V = Vegan
R = Raw


  1. Patricia

    I like the wide range of recipes that you make available on your site. if you can’t find something you like on your site, then there is something seriously wrong with people. From smoothies,snacks,meat,vegetables. The recipes I have made have always been delicious and I have made many times. Still have a problem with kale, not my favorite. Oh we’ll, in time.

    1. Jen

      Thanks, Patricia! I am so happy to hear how much you love all the recipes! Thanks for stopping by and sharing the food love!

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