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Apr 17

Releasing People from Your Life

Do you have a friend, family member or co-worker who is a thorn in your side with no end in sight?  That’s a perfect scenario for an Energetic Cord Cutting Ceremony.   There are these “invisible” cords which we have with other human beings which are indicative of our connections with others.  With some people these cords are luscious, …

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Apr 04

3 Week Intelligent Detoxing

Looking for a beginner’s way to do some detoxing?  I have just the plan for you to jump start into a healthier lifestyle.  Try this three week detox based on Whole Body Cleansing by Gaetano Morello, ND.  There are seven elements to this plan which are designed to remove toxins, eliminate cravings and replace bad …

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Mar 24

Healthy Energy Boosting Options

Greetings!  It seems most people I meet with these days have the chief complaint that they are tired all the time.  Fatigue can be caused by a wide range of challenges so it’s important to take a few minutes and figure out where your fatigue is stemming from.   Sleep Hygiene You need quality sleep …

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Jan 25

Deep Thoughts…

Don’t give away your personal power to others or undesirable life circumstances you may currently be experiencing. Instead stand tall in your authentic power and use it as fuel to create the life you truly desire. -Jen Bro  

Dec 28

The New Year Invitation

As 2013 comes to an end and we begin to transition into a New Year I invite you to take some time to consider what seed bundles you would like to sow this year.  What has worked and not worked for you up to this point in  your life?  What dreams, healings and self-care have you laid to the …

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Dec 23

Mocha Latte Smoothie

This Mocha Latte Smoothie is a great transitional smoothie for those who are addicted to coffee.  It’s a better trade off than a coffee filled with cream and sugar.  It’s also super duper delicious!     When I work one on one with my clients it’s about lifestyle modification and NOT about taking everything they’re …

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Aug 11

Conventional, Organic & Grass Fed Beef…Terminology 101


It’s easy to get confused with all the terms flying around out there these days… conventional organic grass-fed grass-finished antibiotic-free hormone-free all-natural Conventional Beef Conventional beef, or feedlot beef, is the product of what the regulated food industry refers to as Animal Feeding Operations (AFO) or Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO). Conventional beef cows consume …

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Jul 17

Why Superfoods are Super


Hi there!  So you’re probably hearing the buzzword SUPERFOOD everywhere now, eh?  Well here at ExEv we’ve been digging superfoods for a decade and enjoy many of them every single day. So what exactly is a superfood, why should you be consuming them on a daily basis and where do you buy them?  Check out …

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May 19

Win A $10 Amazon Gift Card

Hey friends and family!  Would you like to be entered into a contest to win a $10 Amazon gift card?  Stop by Survey Monkey and answer 3 multiple choice questions about the content of Existential Evolution.  We strive to bring you what you need and want so please share with us! Click on this link …

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May 12

Faux “Hershey’s Syrup” Smoothie

I remember as a child my mother opening up a can of Hershey’s syrup (yes, I said a can – not a bottle…I’m not dating myself or anything!) and we’d pour it straight into our mouths, atop ice cream or into a homemade milkshake. Fast forward approximately 30 years later and I wouldn’t be caught …

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