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Jan 04

Herbal Liver Detox Latte (Caffeine-Free)

Step into the New Year with this herbal liver detox latte!  It is caffeine-free to help you achieve your resolution of quitting caffeine in 2015 and chock-full of yummy goodness for your palate and body to enjoy!

This is one of my husband’s favorite hot drinks.  He loves it when I surprise him with this as he rises in the morning to start his day!  It’s also a great brunch item when entertaining family and friends who are conscious of the foods they consume.  You will greatly impress them with this coffeehouse-style gourmet latte!


Herbal Liver Detox Latte (Caffeine-Free)



  • Boil ¼ cup water.

  • Pour the boiling water into a mug and stir in the Dandy Blend until thoroughly dissolved.

  • Add the heated coconut milk to the mug and stir.

  • Add cinnamon powder and vanilla drops to the mug and stir.

  • Dollop with coconut cream and a drizzle with raw coconut nectar.


We buy our shelf-stable staples at Iherb…they have the best prices and fantastic customer service.  Use Coupon Code: DEK285 for your first time discount up to $10 OFF.  They usually have free shipping promos going on too!



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  1. Jill Petereson

    Oh wow this looks awesome! I’m ordering my Dandy Blend now. I love my coffee really strong and am completely addicted. I think this will help me kick that bad habit once and for all this year!!

    1. Jen

      Hi Jill! Glad to hear you are jumping on the Dandy Blend wagon and off the coffee wagon! Please let me know how much you love it! 🙂

  2. Jane

    Looks like a rich indulgence but you say it is good for you? Must get my hands on this Dandy Blend you speak of!

  3. Patricia. Houdek

    Thanks for the information. Will try this and get back to you. Patricia

  4. Steph

    I must stop my coffee addiction. I am ordering some Dandy Blend now! What else can you do with the Dandy Blend?

    1. Jen

      Hi Steph, here is a link to all my recipes containing Dandy Blend. Enjoy and let me know how much you love the Dandy Blend!

  5. Barb M.

    I love coconut nectar, it’s the best find ever!

    1. Jen

      I totally agree with you Barb! It is so rich and caramel-like, plus it is low-glycemic!!!!

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