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Nov 16

Raw Chocolate Superfood Frosting Bites

Okay folks, let’s chow down on frosting which will support and strengthen our bodies instead of intoxicate them with processed sugars and inflammatory components such as milk and butter.

Who wants to feel hung-over after eating a treat?  Not me!  I want to eat my treat and feel energized!  Enter the Raw Chocolate Superfood Frosting Bites!

New to spirulina powder?  No worries…it is an awesome blue green algae superfood which supports the immune system, stabilizes blood sugar, supports kidney functions and provides a nice punch of protein.  Just a little bit of spirulina powder consumed daily will bring vast benefits to your body.


Raw Chocolate Superfood Frosting Bites



  • In a small bowl mix the dry ingredients together with a fork until evenly incorporated.

  • Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredient mixture and mix with a fork until thoroughly combined.

  • Eat straight up by the spoonful!

  • Yields 3 – 4 frosting bites.

We buy our shelf-stable staples at Iherb…they have the best prices and fantastic customer service.  Use Coupon Code: DEK285 for your first time discount.  They usually have free shipping promos going on too!




  1. Victoria H

    I think my grandkids would really love this chocolate recipe. Can’t wait to make it for them when they are home for the holidays. My vegan daughter will really be tickled pink!

    1. Jen

      You are going to be voted the #1 grandma of all-time with this cake! Plus kids love it because they each get their own which makes them feel super special. Enjoy!

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