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Jun 06

Let’s Be Frank Friday – Take 1

As promised, we are creating new versatile content and improved photographic beauty bliss to our Existential Evolution virtual community.  We invite you to join us for our regular posts and SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out on an ounce of the uber-super-duper-high-vibe infusion!

Upon subscribing you will receive our free workshop content book which is valued at $199 and up until this time has only been available to workshop attendees.  To subscribe, simply open the website ( and a popup subscription window will open with my sweet face showing you the awesome content you are about to receive in your email inbox.


Coaching website page pic


1 comment

  1. Jill

    Just subscribed…can’t wait to get my hands on this info! I have been so stressed out and tired all the time. Thanks.

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