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Jun 18

How To Easily Prepare Tasty Daily Smoothies

What’s the best way for a newbie to start incorporating smoothies into their diet? 

  • When making smoothies in the Vitamix, use more “neutral” greens (spinach, romaine and rainbow chard).  After a few months you can gravitate to the stronger greens (kale, dandelion greens and beet greens).

  • As well, make sure you use enough water to thin the smoothie to your desired texture.


What tips can you give me to make smoothies more tasty?

  • Use plenty of ice because cold smoothies taste SO much better.

  • Use frozen fruit – it makes a creamier smoothie and you can stock up at the store and not worry about fresh fruit spoilage.  I recommend frozen organic raspberries, blueberries, mangoes, peaches, cherries, etc.  Trader Joe’s has these for a really affordable price (in comparison to the Coop).  I always have at least 10-15 bags of assorted frozen fruit in my deep freezer.

  • Mix the frozen fruit and “neutral” greens in a 50/50 ratio in the Vitamix – don’t forget the ice and water!  Over time, your palate will move to wanting a higher percentage of greens and a smaller percentage of fruit.

strawberry ice

Help…I don’t have a Vitamix or fancy blender…can I use my regular blender?

  • Don’t fret if you don’t have a Vitamix because you can still make delicious smoothies.  If you’re using a regular blender, start by adding the water and leafy greens only.  Blend those until smooth.  Then add your fruit and ice in 2-3 segments.  This will ensure your smoothie is as creamy as possible and keep your blender from overheating.


How do I store a smoothie and how long does it last in the refrigerator?

  • Store smoothies in glass mason jars in the refrigerator for up to 48 hours although preferably you should drink within 24 hours.  The jars do a great job of sealing out as much air as possible thereby reducing oxidation processes.


Is a smoothie a meal replacement?

  • No:  If it is strictly a fruit and leafy green smoothie then the answer is no.  When I start my day with a fruit and leafy green smoothie I usually need something with fat and/or protein within two hours.  I wait at least 45 minutes after drinking a fruit and leafy green combo smoothie so it will seamlessly digest and then I can move on to whatever other mid-morning snack I may need.  For me, this could be a small bowl of oatmeal with 2 T. of sunflower seed butter, chia seed pudding, 2-3 scrambled eggs or a protein shake.

  • Yes:  If I incorporate a fat and/or protein source with the fruits and leafy greens then I use the smoothie as a meal replacement.  A good source of fats for smoothies include: coconut oil, flax oil, avocado, seeds (hemp, pumpkin and sunflower) and nuts (cashews, macadamias, brazil and soaked almonds).  A good source of protein for smoothies is protein powder, nuts (cashews, macadamias, brazil, soaked almonds) and seeds (hemp, pumpkin and sunflower).


What smoothie recipes can you share with me?

  • Smoothie recipes are posted here on my site.  Once you understand and practice the basic principles in this FAQ section, you will gain the confidence to experiment and make your own masterpieces!  Please let me know if you make a variation that you love and I will add it to the list!



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  1. Laura @ Raise Your Garden

    I love smoothies! Who doesn’t. It’s such a great way to get the “greens” hello spinach down my kiddos. They love it and never seem to notice the addition of the greens.

    But I can’t say I ever worry about storing smoothies, no matter how much I make, it’s always gone right away!!

    1. Jen

      Hi Laura! Yay to green smoothies! It is wonderful to hear moms like you are feeding your precious children the best there is to offer and making it delicious all the while! Thanks for your yes vote to my “A Smoothie A Day” campaign message!

  2. Keri

    I won the blender give way last year and it has been the greatest thing for me family’s health. It really changes your energy levels and is a great way to start the day. There are so many ways to prepare smoothies and it is fun to experiment!

    1. Jen

      Hi Keri! I’m so glad you are putting that blender to great use with your family and that you are feeling the difference with my “smoothie a day” campaign! Thanks for stopping by and adding your two cents!

  3. Jill

    Wow, this is a really great tutorial. I especially like the part about how to make smoothies if we aren’t lucky enough to have a Vitamix blender. Hopefully someday one will land on my doorstep but until then now I know how to make great smoothies otherwise!

  4. Carla Rhoades

    This is good to know because I have a cheap blender and can’t afford a Vitamix. I didn’t know I could place ingredients in a certain order to provide a better texture. Thanks!

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