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Jun 15

Forget the Fads…Authentic Rituals Rule Transformation

When people ask to hear my back story they are in shock and awe about my response.  They cannot believe the place I describe to them from “where I came” and into the new space I hold for my life experience nowadays.  Check out my back story here.

The common denominator to cultivating a stress-less and blissful life has been the art of ritual.  Bringing ritual into my life was when my human experience started to shift.  For me, that first ritual was food…and still is to this day.  Enter the daily smoothie.

The ritual of my daily smoothie has become one of medicine for my body, mind and soul.  It feeds me on all those levels and thereby supports the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of my life.

So maybe the daily smoothie ritual isn’t for you…that’s cool.  I challenge you to find a daily ritual which is life-giving, delicious and enjoyable!

July 2014 126

Sweet & Sassy Sorbet Smoothie



  • Blend in a high-power blender until smooth and sorbet-like texture.

  • Eat with a spoon!


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  1. Patricia

    I love mango and pineapple, but a little hesitate to put spinach in it. Added half of spinach in recipe……taste great. Working my way up to a full dose.

    1. Jen

      Good work! Although the spinach doesn’t affect the taste some people are simply turned off by the color. Maybe a non-see-thru container with a lid and straw would help your transition?

  2. Parker

    This is YUMMY! It tastes like sherbet.

    1. Jen

      Glad you found it refreshing. Sherbet always reminds me of Schwan’s orange pop-ups on a warm summer day! Fond childhood memories.

  3. Jill

    I love your story…it is very inspirational! And I have to say I love this smoothie. I made it today as an afternoon pick-me-up and it totally rocked!

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