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Feb 08

My Favorite HEAB Recipes

Today I want to share with you one of my favorite blog sites, Heather Eats Almond Butter (HEAB).  I have been following HEAB for about three years and her eats are clean, simple and delicious!

She is a busy mom (with 3 kids) who takes nutrition seriously for herself and her family but not so serious that she doesn’t enjoy the occasional splurge (fro-yo lovin during pregnancy!).  Check out her recipes and follow her story at HEAB.  She is predominately sugar-free and gluten-free with an emphasis on veggies and clean animal protein.

Some of my favorite HEAB recipes include:

Salmon Cakes

My Recipe Modifications:  added garlic powder and cayenne pepper; substituted olive oil for butter; squeezed with wedge of lemon up serving




My Recipe Modifications: Used Trader Joe’s Sunflower Seed Butter in lieu of nut butter; used 1/4 cup honey instead of 1/2 cup maple syrup; used pumpkin seeds instead of chopped nuts


Try out some of the recipes and let Heather and I know how much you love them!

I have the cookie dough overnight oats for breakfast when I just don’t feel like a smoothie.  It’s very comforting, filling, nutritious and delicious!  I pack it in my bag in the morning and eat it at my desk.  The ingredients are simple and easily accessible.

The salmon cakes are awesome.  When I stumbled across this recipe last year, I discovered Food Should Taste Good olive chips.  Since then, these are my go-to brand of tortilla chips.  When they are on sale at the coop I stock up!  Both the salmon cakes and olive chips are delicious on a big bed of finely chopped romaine!

This weekend I’ll be making a batch of HEAB’s peanut sauce as a dip for my homemade rice paper wrap egg rolls!  They are gluten and dairy-free and absolutely divine!  Recipe to follow in a blog post so please stay tuned!


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  1. Heather Eats Almond Butter

    Oh my, a whole post dedicated to your favorite HEAB recipes?!? I’m blown away – thank you friend. So wonderful to read your kind words on this grey Friday morning. Seriously, totally put the biggest smile on my face. I do have one question for you though…can I PLEASE come over for egg rolls and peanut sauce this weekend? 😉

    1. Jen

      You are welcome! Your recipes, light-heartedness and well-written blog helped me to make some big dietary changes early on in my journey. You’ve provided so much inspiration to me and I really thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you’re ever in Minnesota you’re more than welcome to come over for egg rolls and peanut sauce!

      P.S. My hubby finished off the double batch of oaties I made less than a week ago so I made a quadruple batch last night to store in the freezer!

      1. Heather Eats Almond Butter

        Thanks Jen.
        P.S. Oaties never last long around the hubbies! 😉

  2. kaity @ kaityscooking

    oh yummm those salmon cakes sounds so good, i def gotta check out her site thank you!

    1. Jen

      She’s awesome ~ her recipes are so simple and delish! Enjoy!

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