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Dec 03

Food for Traveling

Recently we had a weekend road trip to Chicago so I prepped a bunch of healthy, plant-based foods for our cooler.  We always travel with a cooler to avoid getting famished and thereby eating at fast food restaurants.  I bring lots of options which last us for the entire trip period excluding dinner which we usually enjoy out on the town.  We went to an Irish pub called O’Shaughnessy’s on Saturday evening and enjoyed a few adult beverages followed by a delicious dinner.  It was a fantastic weekend and we can’t wait to visit our friends again soon!

The cooler contents included:

Large salads in individual containers

(chopped romaine, cherry tomatoes, red peppers and broccoli)

Container of homemade Creamy Dreamy Dressing

photo (6)

 Honeycrisp apples (Trader Joe’s)

Homemade blueberry-banana-spinach smoothies

webiste photo shoot 07262014 219

 Superfood truffles


Blue Monkey 100% Pure Coconut Water

Non-perishable items included:

Larabars & Clif bars

Raw organic almonds (Trader Joe’s)

Holy Yum

80% dark chocolate bar

Unsweetened unsulfured cherries (Trader Joe’s)

Raw flax crackers 

Most of these items are available at iHerb.  Use Discount Code: DEK285 for $10 off orders greater than $40 or $5 off orders less than $40.  iHerb has FREE SHIPPING on orders over $40!  Check out my iHerb staples here.

Question of the Day:

What do you pack to eat during road trips?


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