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Dec 24

An Average Day of Food

Hello!  I receive many questions about what I eat on a regular basis so I would like to share that information with you today.  I have my usual routines with a bit of flexibility usually at dinner time.  I primarily eat raw vegan until dinner and then usually it goes one of three ways: finish the day out with a raw vegan dinner, consume a cooked vegan dinner or eggs with veggies.


My routine also varies from the work week to the weekend.  During the work week there is no kitchen access and regimented meal times.  On the weekend I tend to eat when I am hungry instead of the dictated meal times of 7am, noon, and 6pm.

Typical Work Week Food Plan


Typical Weekend Food Plan




  1. kaity @ kaityscooking

    this is so much like a day of my eats.. i may use yours for some inspiration for some new additions to my day i sometimes get caught up eating the same thing to much that eventually i cant even look at it anymore lol

    1. Jen

      I know what you mean Kaity! Just a little twist on something can bring new life to an old routine. Thanks for stopping by!

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